A contract was signed with the Tripoli Shipping Agencies Company for the maritime shipping system



PAL4IT has worked on finding smart solutions that help organize the management of maritime freight, as it has developed an integrated system with multiple options, and this system is a platform Logistics uses technology to help companies plan, implement, and optimize the movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing, to ensure shipment compliance with requirements. Executing them, while providing the necessary documents so that we are working to provide the requirements, documents and international constants for shipping and we are directing and receiving flights and coordinating administrative tasks By documenting and controlling the movement of containers, processing the goods statement and preparing invoices (delivery - shipping - container guarantee - delay fines, etc.) with linking general accounts and all invoices Automatically, as well as customer accounts statements and deductions (money, containers), as well as EDI processing, i.e. (delivery orders - delivery invoices - collateral management - collateral settlement - management Delay fines) with the provision of receipts for all of the above, as the system provides an integrated environment that is easy to communicate so that your work is more organized and this makes work performance easier And more organized for any institution in the shipping sector

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